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Guitar and Songwriting Lessons...$80.00 @ hour

We also teach bass guitar and vocal lessons at $80.00 @ Hour

My Qualifications

I have been teaching guitar and songwriting for 35 years. You can search all over the internet to find a guitar teacher even here locally but you will rarely find someone who will show you a website with their current music where they are actually playing all of the instruments in the recording studio. And writing their own songs too! Here you have that. A lot of guys will tell you that they went to this college or that or they have great parking or whatever but big whoopty doo. Is that what you really care about or do you want to really play like a seasoned Pro? I have played and written songs for 44 years and played with the Eddie Money Band in the early 1980's and was asked by Marty Balin to contribute to his 1st solo album after he left Jefferson Airplane in San Francisco. I also recorded with Alex Call who wrote the song 'Jenny Jenny' (867-5309),Who was a songwriting partner of mine in Sausalito,California in the early 1980's.

I can also help you to find just the right guitar for you at no charge. We can go shopping together if you wish. I have helped countless people find just the right guitar at the best price.

These are private tutoring lessons so you will not be in a class with other students.

So, have a listen to my music. I could be just the teacher you have been looking for!

Call 808-695-5090

I also teach Sound Engineering for those who want to learn the 'Reaper DAW'... $80.00 @ hour.



You must pay for 2 lessons upfront to start. All money transactions are final. No refunds. And we have the right to refuse service to anyone for misconduct.

Website Design

For just a little more than a few hundred dollars I can build you your own custom professional looking website where you can advertise and sell stuff on.With pictures,videos,music.The works.Price varies depending on how many pages and videos,texts,etc you require.I did the one you are looking at now.Some companies in Honolulu charge $1,200.00.

Welcome to Makaha Sound Recording Studio, your one-stop-shop for all your recording needs. As an experienced sound engineer, I understand the importance of creating a memorable and distinctive sound for your music or business. With a range of services that include recording, editing, mixing, and mastering, I am here to help you achieve your goals and take your music or business to the next level. Contact me to book a session today!

I have written all the songs on this website and played all the instruments and sung all the vocals. I also produced them in my recording studio and edited all the videos'. You have to view this website with your computer.And it seems to work best with Chrome. It is not set up for phone viewing.

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