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Client Testimonials for Makaha Sound Recording Studio

Here are some Rock Stars who love to record here!

My good friend Jadon Figuerido was here in my studio and played congas on a song.Him and I both played with the 'Eddie Money' band and he also played drums with 'Foreigner' and 'Carlos Santana'. He digs my stuff.

Jadon Figuerido

Na Hoku Hanohano Award winner Buck Rodgers testifies about his experiences while recording here at Makaha Sound Recording Studio.

Buck Rodgers

Canadian Rock Star-Craig Bacida.


Craig Bacida

Here are some of my music students that I private tutor.

I only do private tutoring so you will not be in a class with other students.  I am the only guitar teacher on the leeward side and the only songwriter teacher on the island. I am in Makaha. I have 35 years' experience. Listen to my music then judge for yourself.

My 6 year old music student Kennedy.

14 year old Alexis

12 year old Deagen

8 year old Santiago

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