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"Does it Really Matter" by John Jeffers.  

 As I get older I think of things in my past that I wasted so much time on that took me nowhere. But now  a lot of things do matter and I will keep them close to me moment by moment. I've spent many years alone in the wilderness reflecting on these things.

"A New Way" by John Jeffers

Find Wisdom before it's too late.

"A New Way" by John Jeffers
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"Sweet Isolation" by John Jeffers.

I wrote this while in shutdown during the Corona-Virus. So many people are afraid of any isolation but it can be sweet if you let it. I want to thank Johnny X for playing a great slide Steel guitar on my song. He came to visit me from Jamaica. I met him there and we became great friends.

"Dreamy Disconnection" by John Jeffers

This song is about a young boy who sees adults all around him with their noses buried in their cell phones all day long. He feels neglected by them and sees their dreamy disconnection with each other. He feels they are devoid of basic human reality. He feels so lost among them.

"It's Always the Rain" By John Jeffers

A song about rainy days and time spent alone inside thinking of someone you miss.

"There's So Much More" by John Jeffers.

Living on a shanty boat. Floating on the muddy Suwannee River in Florida, hoping that good fortune comes around the bend.

"Boat Girl" by John Jeffers

As I looked over the bridge I saw a homeless girl in the water on a makeshift raft catching fish for dinner with a small net. She looked up at me and smiled and changed my life.

"Midnight Bloom" by John Jeffers. Video by filmmaker Jamie Scott.

This song is about doing the things we dream of and not just talking about them. Sometimes we procrastinate and wait for the day or better times to push ahead in life but truly our growth comes in the night when our character is tested.

"I Want a Saviour (remix)" by John Jeffers.

This song pretty much says it all for me and I guess you could say it is my testimony.

"Snowy Pine" (a Christmas song) by John Jeffers

I think this song puts it all in perspective.

"Can You Hear it Ticking" by John Jeffers.

We are all are gonna go sometime so enjoy it while your here!

"Bleed Like a Gypsy"...The Immigrant song  by John Jeffers

This video is about our horrible immigration situation here in the United States and how we have treated the immigrants under Donald Trump.

"Sing Myself to Sleep With Carole King" by John Jeffers

Have you ever been at a gathering of people and wondered why you are even there? And you wonder what you have in common with them anyway? Wouldn't you just love to leave the creeps and freaks and walk out that door and say "Good by?"

"Does it Really Matter" by John Jeffers

 As I get older I think of things in my past that I wasted so much time on that took me nowhere. But now  a lot of things do matter and I will keep them close to me moment by moment like the man in the video...Craig Baceda plays some great solo electric guitar work here for me.

"Bag of Tricks" by John Jeffers

 The man in my song has a problem. Because he has lost someone dear to him he simply cannot live in the real world. He can barely survive in this cave of shadows of fading memories of her. Just like the prisoners in Plato's story, the "Republic", who need to believe that shadows are real, so too the man in my song trusts that his bag of tricks will do him good too in the end. But of course it won't. It's just loneliness chasing after loneliness and pity chasing after pity. How will he ever get out of this he wonders?

"Solo"  (The Kingdom Road) by John Jeffers

Jesus said that there is a road that we all travel in life. And we all take that journey solo. We were born solo or naked and we will die alone or solo and then we will all meet Jesus then at His throne all alone solo again. That's what this song is about.

"This House" by John Jeffers

A song about a child who lived through abuse then ran away and dreamed of writing songs one day to make his life better in the end....This is a true song about my life growing up as a child. This is a very moving song that you must hear! Craig Baceda plays a very moving bass guitar in this song.

"Wolf" by John Jeffers

A song about abuse and bullies of all kinds. Even in our churches, clubs and bars and families and schools in everyday life across our nation.

"The New Jerusalem" by John Jeffers

This is a video of me walking thru the old City of Jerusalem at 5:00 A.M. I was on a spiritual pilgrimage there for 3 months in 2016. I'm recalling Chapter 21 of the book of Revelation in my morning walk.

"I Will" by John Jeffers

This song was inspired by my good friend John Vincent who pioneered the Base Jumping movement in the 1980's and 90's.I didn't know who he was when I found him homeless, destitute and drunk at a bus stop in my small town. I took him in and cared for him. He told me his story. He was quite famous. He was the only one to jump off the World Trade Towers with a parachute. But he was a mess when I found him. This is a story of "Redemption". How you can be at the top and fall so hard and then pick yourself back up and be sober again. My friend Craig Baceda plays a killer lead guitar on this song!

"I Want a Saviour" by John Jeffers

A song about a guy who knew Jesus Christ as a youth but lost his way. He lost everything. Now he recalls how the Apostle Peter had lost his way once too. He knows his faith is weak but realizes that even though Salvation is free he must firmly settle this in his soul by taking the very long hike on the 'El camino de santiago' trail in Spain which millions have done before him.I have been an alcoholic since 10 years old and the only time I was sober was during my marriage.So this is my story of seeking redemption.

"My Baby Cry" by John Jeffers

Nothing feels worse than knowing you were responsible for making a girl cry. That's what this guy in this song is going through. My friend from Canada, Craig Baceda, plays some really cool guitars here. This sounds so much like an aerosmith song.

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