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If I lose my phone or debit cards...

Cancel debit and credit cards. Within two days, cancel your lost or stolen debit and credit cards (meeting this deadline limits your liability to $50) and order replacements. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express all have global customer-assistance centers, reachable by collect call from anywhere (Visa: 303/967-1096). You'll need to know the name of the bank that issued the card; the card type (classic, platinum, or whatever); the card number; the primary and secondary cardholders' names; the cardholder's name exactly as printed on the card; billing address; home phone number; circumstances of the loss or theft; and identification verification (your birth date, your mother's maiden name, or your Social Security number — memorize this; don't carry a copy). If you are the secondary cardholder, you'll also need to provide the primary cardholder's identification-verification details.

Replace your passport. You'll need to go in person to the closest embassy or consulate (in the capital and sometimes major cities, too).You may be able to make an appointment at the embassy or consulate, or you may need to show up during open hours and wait your turn.

Americans can find embassy and consulate information at Every US consulate operates an American Citizen Services (ACS) office, which aids Americans traveling abroad in coping with natural disasters, receiving money, and replacing passports (if calling from Europe, dial 00-1-202/501-4444; in the US, call 888/407-4747). A replacement passport costs $140 and can generally be issued within a few days, or faster if you make a good case that you need it right away. If you don't have the funds, the embassy will help you contact someone at home who can wire money directly to the embassy. If no one can wire the money, the embassy staff may waive the fee or give you a "repatriation loan" — just enough funds to cover the new passport and get you back home.

Your bank can generally deliver a new card to you in Europe within two to three business days. Some may even be able to wire cash to keep you going or pay for your hotel room directly. Ask about these extra services. It's also possible to transfer money from a bank in the US to a bank in Europe, but this may take several days to accomplish — you'll probably have the new cards faster.

Rearrange travel plans. Depending on how long it takes to get your passport replaced — and how far you have to travel to reach an embassy or consulate — you'll probably need to rearrange your travel plans. Call or email to cancel and reschedule hotels and flights as soon as possible to avoid losing deposits or paying change fees (explaining the situation may help). If you're stuck without cash or credit cards for a few days, see if your bank or a family member back home can pay for your hotel stay.

Refill prescriptions. Bring in a copy of your prescription to a pharmacy — if you don't have it, try contacting your doctor's office by phone or email. They can usually fax or email a copy to you in Europe. Your optometrist can do the same for your prescription eyewear.

If I lose all my bank cards or one of them gets hacked or stolen then I 1st need to call or email my bank at...1-800-272-2566  ....then ask a friend to put some money into one of my accounts to cover me for about a week until the bank issues me a new card and sends it to my Italy address.They will just need to go to my local bank in Waianae and give them the last 4 digits of my account and deposit the money.It will probably be the next stop on my itinerary.I will have to call and email that Apartment contact to let them know that my card is coming and to look for it.And then to stay on top of it to make sure it arrives.
I will probably have to close that lost card account and open a new one and then redo my Pay pal account again if I wish to do any transactions thru them.

Have 2 different credit cards and carry them separately in case of theft or a problem with one of the cards.

You can use your ATM card in most Italian cash machines – called Bancomat at the bank or Postamat at the post office. They usually have an English language option on the screen. Most cash machines in Italy do not charge a fee.

Many bancomats only let you withdraw 250 euro a day. The bancomat may display a confusing message that makes it sound like something’s wrong with your card, but in most cases it is either that you’re trying to withdraw too much or that the lines are down. Some bancomats just don’t accept US cards. So try asking for less, using a different bancomat, or trying again later.

Before you leave, and in addition to telling your bank your travel dates,get the phone number for their THRID PARTY SECURITY MONITORING COMPANY! Half the time, the bank doesn't bother to give your travel info to their security company and that is who cuts you off! Call them directly and make sure they enter your travel dates and country into their system....


it was 9pm. there was an ATM nearby, but i don't like using them when the bank is closed incase the machine eats my card

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