Travel Specs

Do taxes when I return.

Gene:   808-469-1111

Kathy:  508-826-9314

Diana:  808-450-8940

Important phone numbers to have with you
Egged information Tel : 03- 694 88 88 or *2800 from any cell phone.
Egged’s central operator : 03-914 2000 ............ Lost and Found any bus here !!!

James Furst:

Amanda:   774-545-0090

Buck Rodgers :

Sim Cards for phone:
Travel Expenses

  • Monthly Passes purchased via  the public transport operators are valid for one calendar month (from the 1st of the month to the last day of the month) and can can be purchased from the 25th of the previous month.

  • Monthly Passes purchased at the train stations are valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.

Bus Routes and fares

Orange Card...160/42.58unlimited calls and text messages to all local networks + 14GB for surfing in Israel.For 3 months costs $127.74


Tel Aviv-----------

Dave's phone#...+972 54 205 9226...I wear a white sleeveless, shorts and sandals..He will meet me in Hagana.

Tel Aviv-Yaffo Extended...Day Pass...NIS 21.5/5.67 US...Bands 1 + 2

(Sharing code 142) From airport to Dave's Apt. (buy at airport)

Route 836... Tel Aviv Central Bus Station 7th floor...Tiberias CBS  37.5/9.96 ...Time 02:28min.



63/82 weather

Fares:     $64.33

Tiberias to Capernaum...R/T costs 29.0/7.70

Tiberious to Cesarea R/T costs 15...

Tiberious to Nazareth R/T costs 16...

Tiberias To Jerusalem...Route 959... 37.5NIS/10.00

Palestine Sim Card...As far as the West Bank goes, Jawwal and Wataniya phone shops are all over the place and you can pick up a sim card there for free and then load on the credit you'll need.
In 2016 there is still no 3G service by Palestinian providers, For fast data you'll still have to switch to Israeli networks which cover major parts of the Palestine Territories in 3G and probably 4G/LTE too.

Jerusalem Hostels

Oct.31st.-Nov.21...21 days...or 3 weeks



Daily mean Temp./(61.3)

Stay at Hostel for 3 weeks right in Old Town Jerusalem.Total cost...$525.00.

Buy Oct.31st. Jerusalem + Outskirts Monthly pass...Band  1...213/56.55

Chain Gate Hostel...Phone: +972 52 463 0563...Call from Galilee to confirm !!! ...Bab El-Silsileh 155
Jerusalem 97500...PIN code: 0991...;sid=4196f98a9aa000aa445c3f6c18641cba;auth_key=0X2RIwDOAN6p1kEM;bn=1851183987;do=login;pincode=0991&...

Pay$262.50/984.47 Shekels...Have the Shekels with me at Galilee before I go to Jerusalem!

Contact Ashraf from Hostel to hookup for stay at Jericho around Nov.21st.

Jerusalem to Masada & Dead Sea

Take Bus 486 from the Jerusalem Central Bus Station (platform 5) direct to the Dead Sea,about one hour from Jerusalem.The fare to Masada costs $10.00 one way.Just buy a one way ticket for I might find someone coming back to Jerusalem.Maybe do Masada early in the AM then Qumran and then do the Dead Sea on the way back to Jerusalem.Leave these trips flexible for I might go with someone from the Hostel





Ashraf...+970 568 966 010...Al Nakheel Street, 12، Al Dyook Al Tahta، Jericho...Ashra

Daily mean/(53.8)

Fares:      $12.00

Go to Ahsraf for 3 weeks or 21 days.from Nov.21 - Dec.12...ask about Shilo and Masada...Call him from Jerusalem.

From Bethlehem to Jericho (Ask anyone at the Chain Gate Hostel how to get to Bethlehem)

To take a collective taxi (orange mini bus for 7 persons) to Jericho go the Central Bus Station of Bethlehem, situated in the lowest floor of the building called Bethlehem City Mall in the center of Bethlehem at the Manger Street. The cost is around $6.00. The way to Jericho takes around 70-80 minutes.The taxi stops in the center of town.

Take the #444 EGG bus at 7 am from Jerusalem to Eilat


46/55 weather

Fares:      $91.00

All transportation and boarder fees before and after Petra stay = ($91.00).Cost of 1 week Jordan trip: Apartment rent: ($130.00).Mousa price quote : ($360.00).Total cost = ($581.00).Total time in Jordan : Dec. 12th - Dec. 19th. 2016 / 7Days.

I should actually be paying something like 30-40 dinar/56 USD for taxi from border to Wadi Musa

Contact Ashraf from Eilat to hookup for stay at Jericho on Dec.19


Go to Ashraf for 17 days from Dec.19 - Jan.4th...Get ride to airport.

Daily mean/(53.8)

Fares Total:  $290.43

John Vivcent

Eyad ...Telephone number is 00972568621000. Address is Sami Hostel, Aqbat Jaber, Jericho, Palestine. When you arrive in Jericho, ask anyone about direction to Sami Hostel.  ...

Embassies, Consulates...

Oversized Bags from 63.0 to 115.0 linear inches $200 extra per bag.

United Airlines Cusomer Service...1-800-864-8331    Baggage Tracking... 1-800-335-2247

Wix Billing phone number......1-800-600-0949   ........Premium support:

Visa Global Customer Assistance Services... them and they will call my bank and get me quick cash and new cards.The cards might not work in ATM machines but should work in the banks.I might need to just get all my cash turned into travelers checks and see if my direct deposits can be accessed,

...Visa 800/847–2911 in the U.S;...180/941–1605 in Israel...1-880-0000Δ888-557-4442 in Jordan...or collect at +1-303-967-1096 (Collect calls are placed using the local operator).

My banks phone numbers...Customer Banking Center (808)-627-6900 or 1-800-272-2566.  

New Moons..........Oct.30,Nov.29,Dec.29. 

Full Moons............Oct.16, Nov.14,Dec.13.