'Makaha Sound' is a professional recording studio located in the quaint country town of Makaha, Hawaii. Featuring the best of both vintage analog and modern digital tools. Music Is my passion, I focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting.



State-of-the-Art Equipment

Professional Engineer

Guitar/Songwriting Lessons

'Art is whatever you can get away with'

I have studied the techniques of George Martin,the producer of The Beatles, for 35 years and apply them daily to all my recordings using equipment that I buy directly from Abby Road Recording Studio in London.So if I'm hired as your song arranger or engineer or producer you will get these techniques and equipment applied to your project!
The J37

This machine was used in the 1960' and 70' for all of the Beatles albums and many other bands like Pink Floyd,The Moody Blues,Alan Pasons Project,Creedence Clearwater Revival,The Kinks,The Trogs,The Mamas and Papas and such would come to AbbyRoad Studio to use this machine and the other equipment for it's rich creamy sound.I have lots of other tools that I purchased from AbbyRoad to emulate the same sound that their studio gets in London.As a matter of fact I buy everthing that AbbyRoad releases the week it comes out.They release something new about every 6 months or so.




I find that Reaper is the best Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) around.I have tried a lot of them. I also own Cubase and Acid Pro and Cakewalk but Reaper is more user friendly and has so much more 'under the hood' as it were in my opinion.



Sound Processors

Over the years I have accumulated 603 plug-ins.This is also called Software.I have outgrown most of those since technology has advanced or my taste has changed.Yes I did buy all of the 'Waves' products and bundles that you notice that other studios advertise that they use in their studio but you won't find them listed here because I now have a custom setup geared towards a more vintage sound.The few plug-ins that I will list here are the ones that I use all the time now to achieve this sound.Their algorhythms are so precise as to emulate true vintage analog equipment even tho I'm recording in a digital domain.


PuigChild 670 Compressor

Steven Slate Digital FG-X Limiter

Steven Slate RC-Tube Compressor

AbbeyRoad Studio TG12345 Compressor/EQ

Melodyne Editor

Lexicon Reverb

EchoBoy (delayFX)

Sonitus FX Delay

PuigTec EQP1A Stereo EQ

PuigTec MEQ5 Stereo EQ

REDD37-51 stereo EQ AbbeyRoad Studio

RS56 Stereo Master EQ AbbeyRoad Studio

Reel ADT Stereo AbbeyRoad Studio

J37 Stereo Tape Machine AbbeyRoad Studio

Saturation Knob (Softube)

Abbey Road Reverb Plates

Abbey Road Vinyl

Altiverb 7 convolution reverb

Abbey Road EMI TG12345

The EMI/Abbey Road Studios REDD.37 console



Sample Library

It's important to have the most up to date samples in your library.The last thing you need is violins,flutes,horns,drums,keyboards or anything that is stuck in the 1980's or 90's.All of my stuff is updated on a regular basis.I am confident that my strings,horns,pianos,organs and drum samples are the best on the market.Here is a short list of sample software that I use often:


Session Strings (Native Instruments)

Symphonic Orchestra (Eastwest)

Vintage Organs (Native Instruments)

DrumLab (Native Instruments)

Vintage Keys (Native Instruments)

Trilian Bass

Abbey Road Keyboards

M-Tron Pro Melotron

Fab Four (Beatles instruments)

Quantum Leap Gypsy (old world instruments)

AMG Kick ASS Brass

Reason (For sound processing,instruments and the like)


EZ Drummer 2

Steven Slate Drums

Superior Drummer 2

AbbeyRoad 60' Drums (Native Instruments)






Traditional Hawaiian Percussion


I do my own Mastering here.Some studios don't because of the expense and difficulty.You need to know what you are doing to Master an album project.Some studios will tell you that they will Master your album because they have the Mastering software called 'OZONE 6'.Well,I do too but if you want to sound like everyone else then use it! What I do is use custom tools that I discovered that the great albums were Mastered with in the vintage era like Pink Floyd or any of the Beatles albums or 'The Kinks' or the 'Moody Blues' for example.


There are 6 guitars here in the studio.A stratocaster electric,a telecaster electric,an Epiphone Casino electric,a Yamaha 12 string,a Takamine classical guitar and an Epiphone 6 string acoustic (pictured on the left) sent to me from Yoko Ono.It's a remake of the guitar that John Lennon played for the 1st 7 Beatles albums.Plus a Hofner bass like Paul McCartney has.


I have Guitar Rig 5 software which is loaded with virtually any kind of amp sound you might desire for any style of music.Plus I have an outboard amp and a vintage monster Fender tube stereo amp if you must have one.Plus an outboard tube saturator/limiter tube preamp.


I have every single keyboard you can think of.Really!From Rhodes piano,B3 Organ,tons of other organs,many upright and grand pianos,too many synthesizers to count.


ADK Vienna Edition Mic

This is a great vocal and instrument mic from Austria.It is a tube mic and has a very large diaphragm so it won't miss anything you give it.It is warm but can be very crisp for those strings like acoustic guitar or ukulele.

shure sm7b Mic

This is a more intimate mic originally used as a broadcast mic for sports announcers,it is now used on about 50% of all recorded songs around the world.It was the mic that Michael Jackson used on his 'Thriller' album.I use it more than any other mic.

AKG c5900 Mic

This mic has rock and roll potential.It is in your face and very direct.It is a hot mic.Your vocals or instrument will for sure be center stage with this mic!

Mackie MRMk2 studio monitors

These are the best speakers I have ever owned.The large woofer can replicate the bass perfectly and along with the great tweeter can capture all of the frequencies that we need to hear.These are just simply the best.Simply put.