Makaha Sound Recording Studio Rates


$60.00 @ hr. to record tracks,arrange,etc.
$50.00 per track to mix down.
$70.00 per track for any Melodyne editing.
$20.00 a week to backup files.
$10.00 to send any files via email or CD.
$100.00 for a studio musician per track
$70.00 for one song.
$250.00 for 5 songs.
$400.00 for 10 songs.

Consultation fee

$75.00 an hour.

A Typical recording Session

1) A few days before your 1st recording session you need to come to the studio and spend an hour or so talking about the song and your vision for it.I then share our normal procedures and how we do things here to achieve your goal.This is also the time when you will pay for the 1st two recording sessions.Every session is a minimum of 4 hours long.After these two sessions you will start paying for each session only on the day of that session.So you only pay what you know you can afford.You don't need to go to the bank or family and borrow thousands of dollars for a huge project that could take months to finish.You can pay as you go and not be broke and still have something of great quality to show for it.It's real simple here.Pay as you go.Your product is your receipt.Because there is such a demand to record here;space and time is limited.So we have a strong policy about being on time and not missing recording sessions.If you can't make a session date then you have to contact the studio a FULL 48 hours ahead of time or you will be charged for the session.You won't get any of your music files from us until that bill is paid so please contact us if you can't make it so we can schedule someone else for that day.All money transactions are final.No refunds. And we have the right to refuse service to anyone for misconduct.
2) We like to get as much separation between the instruments and vocals as possible so we do step recording.For example,we will record the acoustic guitar/intro,and perfect it before moving on to record the acoustic guitar/verse.We will likewise do this with all the instruments and vocals.This makes a nice clean recording.
2) We will start with a drum pattern,that you and the studio have chosen to play the rest of your tracks to.We use sampled drums such as EZ Drummer2,Superior Drummer,Steven Slate Drums,Abbey Road 60' Drums,Hawaiian virtual Drums,Caribbean Steel Drums or Drum Lab.One of these drum kits will be used for your project unless you bring in an electronic drum kit.
3) We will then record your rhythm bed tracks....Bass,rhythm guitar,piano,etc.Some instruments can be recorded at the same time.
4) This is the point at which you could spend or save a lot of money.If you come prepared then you will save lot's of money.Bring in chord and lyric sheets.It also helps to bring in a copy for the engineer so he can follow along with you.This will save you a lot of time and money in the long run! Know your part.Your not playing on stage.This is a recording studio and these mics pick up every mistake.Every mistake you make means you have to redo it or I have to go over it and edit out your mistakes.Either way it costs you money.So yourself a favor and be prepared!
5) We will then record other instruments such as organs,strings,horns or lead guitar,etc.
6) Now is when we want to do a full assessment of the arrangement.Do we want to move verses or choruses or bridges around?Is the song too long?Where can we cut?Do we want a fade or a button ending?Now is the time to settle these issues before moving on to the vocals and final drum and percussion arrangement.After this we do our 1st Mix.
7) Now we can finalize the drums by finding just the right patterns and fills for each intro,verse,pre chorus,chorus,bridge,and outro.
8) Let's complete this project with a great lead vocal and maybe some harmonies too.
9) Now we do a final ReMix.
10) Now we Master the project and also render it to MP3.
11) Then we give the client all of the files and stems for further use such as Wave,.MP3.,Flac.,Reaper,etc.
12) If the client wants multiple CD's made with custom art work......We can handle that too.
13) A small fee will be charged to hire me out for travel expenses if I have to travel outside the studio.
14) We have no interest in stealing anyone's songs whether they be copyrighted or not! We only wish to record your project for you and hope that you become successful.So you have my word.....your songs are always yours alone!

Website Design

For just a little more than a few hundred dollars I can build you your own custom professional looking website where you can advertise and sell stuff on.With pictures,videos,music.The works.Price varies depending on how many pages and videos,texts,etc you require.I did the one you are looking at now.Some companies in Honolulu charge $1,200.00.