My Qualifications

I have been a recording engineer for over 40 years.I cut my teeth in the early days of reel to reel.Pure analog recording.I have been working with digital for the last 17 years.Digital is tougher because it is constantly changing about every 6 months and a great studio needs to read and study daily to keep up with the ever changing technology.But what the new digital recording world lacks is that sweet vintage creamy,buttery vintage sound of reel to reel analog tape.So software and hardware companies fight hard to recreate that vintage analog sound.But if the studio is not aware of the new stuff that comes out constantly and has not studied up on it then that studio will be left behind in the dust.Sure,you might pay $80.00 or $120.00 an hour at some studio to record your next project with but are they just 'resting on their laurels' from 5 years ago and still recording you with outdated technology?I see it all the time.Studio's listing outdated software and samples on their web sites that I have not used in years.
I am also a qualified musician/producer/arranger.This comes in very handy for the client if the recording engineer has all these talents because you can rest assured that the guy tweaking the knobs fully understands every aspect of your song.The last thing you want to do is sit down next to an engineer who is working on your song that you are paying good money for to find out that he just got out of 'audio engineering school' at Community College and that he's not even a musician.And he's slower than a box of rocks because maybe he just set up his digital studio a few years ago and is still learning how it all works and you are his guinea pig!But you would not know that going in at first.But you soon find out a few weeks in after you spend a lot of money and not much to show for it.And now you are dying to bail and move on to a studio who is really qualified......I have played in countless bands.Written hundreds of songs.I arrange music daily.Have for years.I understand how symphonies even work because I played tuba and trombone in one for years.You have to understand how symphonies work to be able to use the symphony or horn section sample software correctly.You don't want just anybody putting a string section to your song.Listen to my song 'Bag of Tricks' here on this web site and you will be sold.They are sweet!
Above all,I'm a Music Producer.With my qualifications and background I bring creativity to any project I'm working on.If it be here at my studio or I get hired out as an 'independent Music Producer' by a client for a job at another recording studio.From beginning to's all about the song!
Here is the most important thing I can tell you!  Hire a Music Producer when going into any studio.They will work
on your behalf to make everything run smooth.I would never hire an in-house Producer from the same studio I was recording at or one hired by them.For that Producer would have the studios' interest at heart and only a portion of interest would be swayed towards you.Hire an independent Producer on your own that will have your attention 100% of the time. A good Producer will save you lots of money and time and give you a better sounding project.
Whatever you do.Click on this White link to see what a Music Producer does for you!