Due to the Corona-virus my 3 month trip to Italy in Spring of 2020 has been cancelled.I will resume the trip when the ban is lifted.
My E-Ticket
Booking # QL6ILG
E-Ticket # 220-7443496480-81

Here is the order of the places I will be staying:

1) Milan - Flight in

2) Framura (Cinque Terre)

3) Naples & Pompei

4) Amalfi Coast

5) Rome

6) Florence (Tuscany)

7) Venice


8) Genoa

9) Milan - Flight out

April 1-April 2

April 2-April 12

April 12-April 28

April 28-May 12

May 12-May 27

May 27-June 04

June 4-June 21

June 24-June 28

One of the greatest joys of life is to watch the world go by.And you can't do that at home on your computer or phone.

You must take a journey!

The weather will be in the mid 60's early 1/2 of trip until 1 wk before Rome in Amalfi.Then in 70's after that.

You can always select your seat free of charge at check-in.

June 21-June 24

Italians don't eat to live.They live to eat.

Trenitalia train stations website.


Picnic like a Pro.

I will be going to Italy for 3 months from April 1st. to June 28th. 2020.I already have my apartments booked and confirmed with AirBnB.I will be staying in 9 different towns or regions. I will have all my bills paid up for those 3 months back here in Hawaii so all should go well.I will be taking a "pizza cooking class" in Naples (where pizza was invented) and a "pasta making class" in Venice so I can learn to cook real Italian style.I already have my tickets to many museums to see the great works by Michelangelo and others like the "Last Supper" and the "Statue of David". I will see the largest aquarium in Europe at Genoa, down the street from Christopher Columbus's House.Then off to Cinque Terre,the Italian Riviera for 10 days.Then to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.Then down to the southern coast to Pompei and Amalfi for a month where I will fulfill a lifelong dream of mine and rent a "Vespa" Italian motor bike and cruise the sunny beach coast like an old Italian movie.Across from my apartment in Pompei is the ancient amphitheater that has rock concerts every weekend.Pink Floyd recorded "Dark Side of the Moon" there.They still play there every year.Then off to Rome for 2 weeks.More museums and the "Colosseum Moonlight Tour" This tour goes underground at night so I get to see and feel what the gladiators witnessed as they were about to fight each other and the lions.Most tourists don't see this.I will go down into the dungeons.Then I will be off to Tuscany.More museums and great food! Florence and it's many small hamlets and villages.

All of my apartments are equipped with a kitchen,stove,oven,fridge,laundry,etc.So I can buy food at the local markets and cook at home or eat out.After Florence I will go to Venice for 3 weeks.Here I will be camping at a campground in a tent.I will still have a fridge and cooking facilities available.No one drives a car really.You get around Venice only by boat or foot.Then back to Milan for a few days where I will see the "Last Supper" right before I leave to come back home to Hawaii.

I just want to soak in the local culture to get a new perspective on life in the beautiful Italian Spring time weather.