Have a House Concert with John Jeffers Sep.-Nov. 2017.

The very 1st thing you need to do is Go to my Blog or my Facebook site and tell me what you think about my music!!! Then send a link of my website to all your friends in Europe. Here it is:
Also you can get the word out on Facebook,Google+,Twitter or LinkedIn from my Blog page.
Keep checking my site for I will have lots more updated info for you.Contests ,prizes,new videos and lots more songs.The works!!! And get this....Send me your home videos to my Blog of why you think I should come play a 'House Concert' for you and your friends and the best videos will win and I will be at your home in 2017 for your very own concert! And for the runner ups I will send you personal videos of me working in my studio actually writing and recording my songs and my personal notes of the meanings behind these songs.

-You can have the ultimate house party in the neighborhood.
-With only your invited guests.....and no drunk party crashers.

-Going out to the clubs can be very unpredictable,unsafe and costly.And be honest...Don't you always hear the    

  same music over and over again from club to club?....Now that part is predictable!

-You've had good partys before but now kick it up a notch with good food and origional music and a great  concert that no one will soon forget.And be instrumental in bringing together new friends.There could be some love in the air too...Who knows?

-You will be supporting the arts.And I will be giving you something new and refreshing.

-I will work with you to create a concert atmosphere that fits your taste and style at your home with your own friends as guests.Great music.Great food and Great friends!

Here's what you need to do to have a 'House Concert' in your home.

You will send a link of my web site to all your guests two weeks before the concert so they will be well aware of what to expect the night of the show.You will also tell them here that there is an expected donation of $15.00-$30.00 or more for the music.And that you will provide free food or pot luck.You will explain the house rules and the parking rules and the time of the event,etc.and always request RSVP.

You will need to let your guests know in the email that you send them that this is a 'House Concert'NOT a house party!They will be expected to sit quietly for about 80 minutes and listen to great music.Not get up and run around talking on the phone or with friends,etc.They should show respect to the songwriter who worked hard at their craft to bring them a great experience.With this in mind I can more easily interact with the audience.This is an unplugged type of House Concert.I will be playing my acoustic guitar and singing the songs you hear on my website and also new songs,of course.I have about 200 songs in my catalog.I encourage interaction with the audience so there is total freedom to ask any questions or sing along etc.Remember.....I'm going to be in Europe in 2017 from September thru November so start BLOGGING your friends !!!

I can't wait to hear about your event...

I'm traveling around Israel for the next 3 months and I'll be on the road quite a bit so I won't be able to respond to all of you as quickly as I would like but when I get back home to Hawaii I WILL respond to all of you!

Here are a few videos to get you aquainted with 'House Concerts'.