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The new music venue in Hawaii.....A long time coming!

Are you a musician who plays in the clubs anywhere here in Hawaii on weekends usually from 9:00 pm till 1:00 am in a bar with people who are not really listening to your songs.Half of them could be drunk and the chatter in the place just makes you background music at best.The material that you play is just like the stuff the other guys are playing at all the other clubs in town.You attempt to write some songs so you can stand out from the rest but you soon realize that the local crowds that go to these clubs have been acclimated to Jawaiian music for the last 15 years and that's what they expect now.Or your other option here is to cover the oldies.Or if you are very good then you can play true Hawaiian music like we have here for decades.There are times when a few of us do stand out and can carve out for ourselves a decent career here and make a great living from our craft.But for the bulk of musicians you will work about 4 hours a night for $50.00 and play to a crowd that could care less about you as a living breathing artist..........Well for some of you this is going to change!


Now you can play all your original tunes in homes for about 80 minutes with a 20 minute break after the 1st 40 minute set and earn about $700.00.And you can play every Friday and Saterday if you want.On any island.Our clients are the musicians and the hosts.This is an environment where artists can be free to create and flourish and where the audience can have a relaxed atmosphere with friends and food and get to share the evening with the artist and his work.If you insist on playing Jawaiian music then stay downtown at the clubs.There is a place for you there.This is for songwriters who have stories to tell.You will not be able to play cover songs in peoples livingrooms or in their barns or wherever.Here is how it works.....We have a marketing team here that does nothing but search for potential 'Hosts' to hold House Concerts in their home.Those homes are all in the upper scale neighborhoods like Kahala,Diamond Head,Hawaii Kai,Kailua,etc.that can afford to request the largest donations per head from each guest and also have a large enough room to sit an average of 30 people.The donation expectancy would be between $15.00 and $30.00 for each guest.Count on $20.00.The host would provide all of the food.We will send the host a list of our clients.Hopefully you will be one of them.There is no cost to you.All we ask of you is that you be very good at your craft and that you play original material and that you have a web site that showcases your talent so we can forward that to the Host.If you need help in building a website we can do that for you here for just a few hundred dollars if you sign up with us.It will look pretty much like this website.If the host likes you then they will send out email invitations to 30 or so guests 2 weeks before the House Concert.Those potential guests will see your website and be fully aware of what to expect from you when they arrive.If they are not excited about your website then they probably won't even come.But if you can showcase yourself well with good original songs and maybe even a video or two if you wish (which we can do that for you here too) then you will get them there!Now hopefully you have made some CD's to sell and maybe even some teeshirts too.Because you not only will collect 100% of the money from the guests (the host gets nothing but praise from her friends) but you have a captive audience who just donated a lot of money to come see you that you can now sell merchandise too.We also have world wide connections with other Hosts from all around the world if you would like to take your gig on the journey of a lifetime!


Now you do the math...30 guests x $20.00 = $600.00. Minus 15% production fee ($90.00) = $510.00 profit for you.Now if you can sell 15 CD's for $13.00 each,which is very cheap, then that comes to $195.00.For a total profit of $705.00 for 80 minutes of work.And you still have not sold any other merchandise yet.In the clubs you were earning $10.00 an hour now you are earning about $480.00 an hour!And you won't feel like a turd in the punch bowl.Because now you are building a Fanbase who will be following your website and your Blog and will know all of your upcoming concert dates.You will also have full access to our recording studio and video and our website design depts.House Concerts has been a world wide phenomenon for the last 15 years.You can do it without any sound equipment at all usually.It is also huge on the mainland (popular in every single state) and in Europe but it is totaly nonexistent here in Hawaii.Untill now!!! Some guys even take this all the way and are making over a million dollars a year playing 5 nights a week.That comes out to about $170,000.00 but because of their house concert popularity thru their websites and Blogs and fanbase networks they now have spread out to colleges and other more lucrative venues such as film and documentaries,endorsments,etc..But they always still stick with the House Concerts......Just think about it.Wouldn't it be nice to play all your gigs at a nice home and meet new friends and build a fan base.Eat great food.Start at 8:00 pm and leave by 10:00 pm to be home in time to tuck the kids in bed?....And earn a good living too!........nailed it.


Come join us for free!We are just the right place for musicians to hook up and form new bands.Maybe that perfect person you need to form your dream duo is already signed up with us.


We will be holding two concerts a year which will be open to the public.They will feature all our artists and special invitation and seating will be given to all the hosts who will be invited.These hosts will also vote on best performance.The better perfomance awardees will surely get higher donations over the next year and beyond and will get noticed and recognized by 'House Concerts Hawaii'.Some of the perks would be free studio time,web design,video shoots,TV air time,etc.We will do everything to encourage our artists to improve.


The most famous names in the music industry have realized the worth of 'House Concerts' and have come aboard! The 'Tiny Desk Concert' venue is a small gathering of about 50 people in a room listening to their favorite artist for an hour or so.Here are some you might recognize: Jakob Dylan (Bob Dylan's son),Adele,Jackson Browne,Lyle Lovett,Robert Cray,The Zombies,The Civil Wars,Foster The People,Pat Benatar,Death Cab For Cutie and hundreds more......Click on the names above to see their video's.


              Here are some House Concert video's you will find interesting:

Would you rather play in a dingy bar or a nice home similar to this one in Kailua?

 Bob Dylan said that Michael Peter Smith is the greatest songwriter in America.

Wouldn't it be nice to have 300 places to choose from to play island wide any day of the week instead of a few clubs downtown?

We all need to feel that our lives matter to ourselves and to others.And we all have stories to tell.If your not satisfied with your music career and want to walk a new path then call us and let's talk.....695-5090

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