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I have been teaching guitar and songwriting for 35 years.You can search all over the internet to find a guitar teacher even here locally but you will rarely find someone who will show you a website with their current music where they are actually playing all of the instruments in the recording studio.And writing their own songs too!Here you have that. Click on my HOME TAB or My MUSIC TAB to hear some of my songs now. A lot of guys will tell you that they went to this college or that or they have great parking or whatever but big whoopty doo.Is that what you really care about or do you want to really play like a seasoned Pro?I have played and written songs for 44 years and played with the Eddie Money Band in the early 1980's and was asked by Marty Balin to contribute to his 1st solo album after he left Jefferson Airplane in San Francisco.I also recorded with Alex Call who wrote the song 'Jenny Jenny' (867-5309),Who was a songwriting partner of mine in Sausalito,California in the early 1980's.I can also help you to find just the right guitar for you at no charge.We can go shopping together if you wish.I have helped countless people find just the right guitar at the best price.

These are private tutoring lessons so you will not be in a class with other students.You must pay for four lessons in advance with no refunds.





Songwriting is very personal to me.It's something I do every minute of the day.Sometimes without even thinking about it.Once you realize that you are gifted as a songwriter then everything changes.At a crowded bus stop when there is a pretty girl you don't look at her but you study the others that are looking at her.When you are in a group of people and a stranger walks up that is different than the group and the group starts talking rumors or slanting the stranger,you don't focus on the stranger but on the group for you have this strange need to know what makes them tick....You are studying human nature.This is what a songwriter does.

Another thing.We don't see things as they truly are.But as we are.So a lot of what you see out there in the world is what you see in yourself.Even tho you might not want to admit it.So when you judge should judge yourself 1st.This is why some tolerance and understanding is crucial for the songwriter because ultimately in the end you will be writing about yourself.

Here are a few good tips:

1) 'Don't give people what they want.Give them what they can't even imagine'. The record industry has saturated the market with junk that all sounds the same because they are giving kids what they want.But be different and write songs that take the listener into another world.For goodness sake,man,have some imagination as a writer or they won't!Don't spoon feed them.

2) Discover your 'foundation' and 'venue'. Think of foundation as you would like the foundation of a house.Your songs will eventually form a style.Something that fits your personality.But this can take time to discover.It can even take years.Does your lifestyle resemble Blues,Rock,Gospel,Country,Folk,etc,?There is nothing more heartbreaking for me to hear than someone writing songs in a genre outside of their lifestyle.A 13 year old white girl writing Hip Hop does not impress me much.And neither does someone trying to write country music who has never lived in the country...........'Venue' means where do you plan on getting your songs out to.Big arenas,small clubs,house concerts,just CD's,only on YouTube,churches,or maybe to just publishers so you can sell your songs for royalties?You will need to gear your writing towards your venue with your foundation in mind.My foundation is very clear to me.I write about 'the human condition'. Things we all go thru everyday or think about.And some things we are even in denial about or unwilling to face until someone confronts us with it or we hear about our dilemma in a song.All of my songs has the great big question that the singer is facing(usually in minor chords) but ends with a positive answer to his dilemma(most likely with major chords).....usually placed in the the bridge.Now this is not a rule of mine because art,after all,is whatever you can get away with.But being that this is how I naturally write then it has become my foundation.You can pick any one of my songs and probably find yourself in it!My foundation alone becomes my 'Hook'.

3) Do you just want to be an artist and not care about sharing your music with anyone?Let me tell you that this can be one of the greatest joys in life.To have no deadlines or constraints.To not be a people pleaser. To only be able to crawl within yourself and to discover who you really are thru your God given art.This is actually a great way to start.If you think about it many of the great artists of our time were like this.Vincent van Gogh painted very privately all his life just to discover himself and kept his work in his brothers basement.It was not until after his death that the family released his work and he was discovered and now every painting is worth millions.

4) Creativity can ebb and flow.If you are struggling with a song for too long then just move on.Try to write a new one.Maybe this one shouldn't be written.It only takes me about 20 minutes to write a song then I spend about 3 weeks doing a full production here in the studio to complete the song as you hear it here on my website.But I have about 4 or 5 songs all the time playing in my head ready to be written.I have never had writers block in 35 years.

5) You need to have a 'Hook' in the song.Something that the listener goes away with singing in their head that will not leave them.This is usually placed in the chorus and repeated several times.How long is the song?Radio airplay will only allow 3 1/2 minutes.Maybe 4.How many verses and choruses can you fit in this time frame?And what about a bridge?Do you have too many words that complicate the song?Too many metaphors?And never use cliché's the death of a song!

I can help you with all this and much more as there is so much to learn............There is a popular belief that songs come to the writer from way out in the cosmos somewhere into our head then we who are so gifted transpose them into something the rest of the world can relate to and understand.This is not true!....Songs simply come from within us all who are willing to express ourselves.If all you have is a pen and paper or just a guitar or a keyboard and are willing to learn the art of songwriting you can open up and discover latent feelings and thoughts that you never knew you had.

I also teach Sound Engineering for those who want to learn the 'Reaper DAW'... $60.00 @ hour.



You must pay for 4 lessons upfront to start.All money transactions are final.No refunds.And we have the right to refuse service to anyone for misconduct.

So,have a listen to my music.I could be just the teacher you have been looking for!

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For just a little more than a few hundred dollars I can build you your own custom professional looking website where you can advertise and sell stuff on.With pictures,videos,music.The works.Price varies depending on how many pages and videos,texts,etc you require.I did the one you are looking at now.Some companies in Honolulu charge $1,200.00.

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