Let's make some films in Europe!


I am planning to go to Europe every year for 3 months to vacation and to play house concerts.Mainly in France,Spain and Italy.But I want to be a little more creative than that so I would like for someone else to go along with me who also is an artist in communications and film.You must own your own video equipment and basically partner with me in the production of this adventure.I do some video myself and I have the software that I edit videos with.They are Vegas Pro and Acid Pro.You would need a great personality and need to be able to get along well with people.And leave your ego at the door.If you speak French or Italian that would be great but if not then please be willing to brush up on them.You will never need to speak them fluently!You must have some interesting qualities about yourself like culinary,gardening,fashion,art,...anything.The more the better because you will be meeting people across Europe and I will have the camera on you and them and interviewing you both.Likewise,at times,you will do the same with me.I have many interests.One is obviously music.We would be a team bouncing around Europe with a mission and a full itinerary.Meeting great people and wonderful cultures and having the times of our lives!Then coming back to Hawaii to edit everything and see what happens with our product from there.I can do all of the audio right here in my recording studio.Even our videos.Then planning another trip for the next year.I am also a website designer and we can build a website for our adventures with an international blog and links to your personal website which I will build for you for free.This can generate people from around the world to your art or whatever your interests are and you can then bring people into your world and even sell your products.


It makes no difference to me about your race or religion or your age.But I do require that you be a female.There are a few reasons for this.One is that I get along better with women than men in things like this.I don't want to butt heads with any alpha male junk.With a woman I am far more likely to be more reasonable and understanding and tend to give in even if I don't want to.And two...A man and a woman is far less threatening in an interview situation than two men.Let me also say that this is a very platonic situation.No romance.I'm only concerned about the art and hope that you would be too.I have been planning these trips for 3 years so I'm going to go anyway but I would love to share this adventure with you and just make it a little more creative and fun.


Here is a link to a Travel Channel show called "36 Hours" with Kristen Kish and Kyle Martino that will show you what kind of format I am looking for.