Performers do things they've always done.Artists do things they've never done.

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Richie Say Freedom - Buck Rodgers
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I Produced and engineered this song and played bass and keyboards.Buck Rodgers wrote it.Craig Baceda played guitars and drums.

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My good friend Craig Baceda played bass on 'This House' and classical guitar and lead on 'I Will'.Ben Mejia played lead acoustic guitar on 'Hula Moon'.

Here are some songs by artists you may know that I covered in my studio.

Lost - John Jeffers
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Written by Coldplay

Something I Missed - John Jeffers
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Written by Kenny Chesney

Back to Life - John Jeffers
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Written by Faith Alive Band

Hosanna - John Jeffers
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My cover version of "Hosanna" by Hillsong

Hosanna instrumental - John Jeffers
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This is the Hosanna instrumental with no vocals

John Jeffers