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"Dreamy Disconnection"

"There's So Much More"

"Sweet Isolation"

"Does it Really Matter"

"I Want a Saviour (remix)"

"It's Always the Rain"

"Bag of Tricks"

"Midnight Bloom"

"Snowy Pine" (a Christmas song)."

"Can You Hear it Ticking"

"Bleed Like a Gypsy"...The Immigrant song

"Boat Girl"

"This House"


"I Want a Saviour"


"Sing Myself to Sleep With Carole King" 

"My Baby Cry"

"The New Jerusalem"

"I Will"

This song was inspired by my good friend John Vincent who started the Base Jumping movement in the 1980's and 90's.I didn't know who he was until I found him homeless,destitute and drunk at a bus stop in my small town here in Hawaii around 2014.I took him in and cared for him with food,cloths,etc...(you can see him standing in my living room the day I took him in on my " I Want a Saviour" ) video.It was then when he told me his story.He was quite famous.He was on all the talk shows and the news and Niki and others paid his way around the world to jump.He was the only one to jump off the World Trade Towers.But he was a mess when I found him.

This is a story of "Redemption". How you can be at the top and fall so hard and then pick yourself back up again.I've walked in his shoes.John is my hero.Not because of his many great jumps but because of his "Will" to crawl out of the mud and find peace and sobriety which he now has done.I do get calls now and then from those who want to write about his life or make a movie but he's not easy to find.He likes it like that.I get that!He does call me now and then to let me know he's OK.

To tell this story about my friend means everything to me.I hope you enjoy this song.

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