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"Unfinished Songs"

These are a series of unfinished songs from my music catalog. I write so many that I just can't keep up with them. These songs are about family members who persuaded me to stay away from other family members for sometimes for decades.

For those who were raised in a stable family then you will find this a little weird. But after my parents abandoned me at 4 months old and just left me at the babysitter's house to never return, I was raised with that family for 6 years.Betty,my new mom and Roy and Rita my new siblings. At 6 I was adopted out and Carol, my adopted mom never let me see Betty,and Roy and Rita again. But I knew I was just like them and I always missed them. Later in life I found my biological family and my sister Toni Lynn, told me that my brother, Ora and sister Arlene wanted nothing to do with me so I never contacted them. I found out she lied.I got back together with them and we are fine. In 2016 I went to Indiana to finally reunite with Betty, Roy and Rita again. Betty had died since and Rita's husband was jealous of our relationship and has refused her to ever see me again. Roy and I are still very close. So in the end I got the best of my family back. Even after so many people were unfaithful and untrue to me it has drawn me much closer to God. Who is always faithful and true.

Makaha Sound Recording Studio

Makaha Sound Recording Studio

Welcome to Makaha Sound Recording Studio.With John Jeffers.

"Snowy Pine" ( a Christmas Song)

"Bag of Tricks"

"Can You Hear it Ticken"

I was going to take this very train to Switzerland from Milan, Italy in 2000 but Covid stopped me.Maybe another day.

"Does it Really Matter"

" Boat Girl "

In 2015 I was walking along Rainbow Bridge in Haleiwa,Hawaii when I bent down to just smell a flower and a homeless girl below the bridge caught my eye.She was trying to catch her evening meal of Talopia fish with a small aquarium net on a makeshift raft she had made from two doors from a house,I guess.The current was strong.She looked up at me and smiled so sweetly and carried me into her world.I knew she would soon be off into the woods to cook her small catch of the day.I threw over a $20.00 bill but the wind blew it away into the current.She smiled and said thank you anyway.I never saw her again even tho I tried to find her.I used to be homeless myself for a few years here in Haleiwa so I know the area well.I built a tree house just beyond the bridge.It was just because of the simple act of bending down to smell a flower on the bridge that led me to expand my horizons and take a trip to Israel a year later.So this song and Boat Girl means a lot to me.

"Ther's a New Way"

A song about finding Dailey wisdom.

"It's Always the Rain"

A song about rainy days and time spent alone inside thinking of someone you miss. I was thinking about all of my three daughters Brook,Courtni and Christa,and Julie when I wrote this song.

"Dreamy Disconnection"

I hate cellphones.

"Sweet Isolation" by John Jeffers

I built a log cabin in Indiana in 1977 on 5 acres by myself to get away from it all. I wanted to be isolated from everyone. But this is about more than that. About 30 years ago I was in a car wreck and sustained a traumatic brain injury. This left me disabled. Part of my diagnosis was agoraphobia. That means I find it hard to leave the house or receive guests. I have tried to come out of my comfort zone by going to Israel and feeding the homeless here locally but I always revert back to isolation. Agoraphobia always has a grip on me.I also have a problem with numbers and remembering things in order. And remembering my past. But fortunately, the part of my brain that deals with music was not harmed. By the way the line "I think it was Argentina" refers to a place in the highlands in Genoa, Italy where basil is grown. I was hoping to travel there in 2000 but covid stopped that. This is my story.

'I Want a Saviour'.

A song about a guy who knew Jesus Christ as a youth but lost his way. He lost everything. Now he recalls how the Apostle Peter had lost his way once too. He knows his faith is weak but realizes that even though Salvation is free he must firmly settle this in his soul by taking the very long hike on the 'El camino de santiago' trail in Spain which millions have done before him.

"There Must be Something I Missed"

       This is a cover of Kenny Chesney's song.Do you feel this way sometimes? I sure do. This is my acoustic version. Here is his version:


"Blue Ocean Blue"

This is my 1982 Volkswagen Camper van that I just bought since I could not go to Italy because of Covid. Now I can camp around the islands and snorkel to my hearts delight instead. And hit all the beaches. It has a gas stove and a propane/electric fridge and a sink and has a pop up tent and sleeps 4.It's a 4 cylinder and is great on gas.This video was taken just a 1-minute drive from my condo on Makaha beach.

Here is an update: It is now April 19th 2023.I have had my van for a year and the transmission failed so I just sold it for $2,000.00.I paid $11,500.00 for it last year.The reason I sold it so cheap was to have the money to go be with my brother,Roy Jeffers in Indiana,who has stage 4 cancer.I don't mind losing money on my van or the joys it gave me.I just want to be with my brother.

"Hard Enough" by John Jeffers

If I wear hemp and you wear silk we have a different taste. You have no reason to condemn me ain't it such a waste to be self-righteous when it's not a sin. I'll take the Grace, that's given me. If I am free, I'm free I'm free indeed... This song came from a conversation I had with my daughter Courtni about how her church treated her about her clothing when she was going thru hard times. They overlooked her hard times and focused on her clothes and that made me very sad for her.

"Change Don't Come Easy"

I have worked on this song for 30 years. I used to look in the mirror for 2 years every day trying to let this song sink in.I had no video, just audio, I was going thru so much at the time. Now it is complete with a video. Leonardo Davinci took 40 years to complete the Statue of David. And now I know why. Sometimes art takes a longtime to realize it's value. I can clearly see it now. I hope you do too.


My adoptive mother,Carol, sent Brook and Courtni a message that I was going to meet them at her house and to dress up and bring cards,They came expecting me but I never showed up.I never new this was going to happen I was in Florida at the time..Carol pulled a fast one on me.Making my kids hate me.Brook has never spoken to me since.So I wrote this song to experience their feeling of expectation.

"Somebody's Taken Your Sweet Lovin' Mind"

Some people live in fear and suspicion and will believe anything someone tells them or any Conspiracy. The lies and rumors take over them and they may even refuse to even have dialog with you, so this makes it very difficult to reason with them. But you must go on and live your life. Don't be like this guy in this video who loses his head to be like everyone else. The song asks us to think for ourselves or please others.

This video is a taken in New York City just minutes before the Planes hit the towers on 9- 11. The planes hit the towers in the last 10 seconds of the video.

"Let Yourself In"

    I hated this assembly job. I worked 3rd shift. I would clock in and jump the fence as many of us did and go out all night. I'm not like this now but that was a different time in my life. It was 40 years ago. I was very unhappy. But as the song says I eventually did myself a favor and let myself into greener pastures and into the light and the darkness is far behind me.

"I Think You Should Know"

      After my 3-year-old daughter was kidnapped by her mother in Florida I stayed in my home for a year hoping she would have come to her senses and bring her back. That was the best I could do because I had no leads as to where she could be. She never returned. During that time, I was dating a girl named Cecile. This song is about me telling Cecile that my year was up, and I had to leave and just go hitchhiking around the country and look for my daughter. It was very troubling times for me. Her dad actually put a gun to my forehead because I was leaving her. I just told him to shoot because I felt I had nothing to live for. But he didn't so I hit the road.

A side note: I have been getting emails asking me to explain a few issues in this song.1) The graves in the video.They are a medaphore of how I was treating Cicile at the time.I had killed and buried all my good intetions and was ready to move on. 2) "A woman put me down and made me feel like a clown in the middle"This refers to the fact that now that I had to hitchike and look for my daughter that I would probably not be there for my other 2 daughters as I wished.My kidnapped daughter was probably in the hands of the mothers convicted pedophile father and this scared me.So what was a father to do?So I searched endlessly.

"Catfish Cabin"

My life in Rock and Roll. In my 20's I built a recording studio. My family nor my church nor my wife saw my passion or my dream. I continued following my dream. I recorded a tape of songs with my band called "The Bottles". in 1978. After a divorce in 1979 I took off to California with my van and my cassette tape of my songs without having any clue what would happen. I parked my van in Sausalito a hippie artist community welcoming artists .They heard my tape and saw my passion and welcomed me into their community. It was mind blowing. I eventually sold my van for a houseboat there. And became one of them.


One day I was in the local Marin County guitar store checking out guitars and while I was playing one of my songs a guy started playing along with me on an amp. It was Marty Balin of Jefferson Airplane. I didn't know who he was. We played 2 of my songs. Then he asked me to come to LA to help write songs for his new solo album. I turned him down because I hated LA (Remember I was a mid western kid from Indiana with Christian beliefs that did no drugs or partying) but he gave me the managers name for the Eddie Money band thinking that I could help them out since Eddie was in drug rehab from an overdose of heroin.


So that is how I got started with the Eddie Money band. Just sitting in with the band not replacing Eddie but giving them someone else to jam with while he was in rehab. Amazing isn't it? So for about 6 months I played with the band. We recorded some of my music in the studio with Alex Call, my song writing partner, from the boat community, who wrote "Jenny Jenny''(867-5309).I was soon Smothered in the rock and role world of drugs and women.cocaine and parties and women every night.I did not like it. While I was playing with the band I met Bunny.I 1st saw her at a club I played at Hosted by Neil Young. It was his club in Marin County. He was dating her. I played for 2 hours that night.She took to me.She saw me at the hardware store I was working at the next day.(by the way I never made any money with the Eddie Money band) So we spent the next night at her house the night John Lennon died.It was a trip !!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was from Nebraska .A sweet girl. Bunny would sit in at the recording sessions with me and the Eddie Money Band and we would talk. Wanting to get away from the Rock scene as I did also we decided to take a trip to Catfish Cabin for a week and get away from it all.So I took the Red mustang convertible the managers of the band gave me to use and we went to a secluded cabin that a friend of mine owned called "Catfish Cabin". Where we could just fish for catfish and play music. She was also a songwriter. A week later I quit the band and moved back to Indiana to try to revive my marriage. I ended up working at Pizza Hut and selling Christmas trees and my Marriage failed. Wow, what a change! But I still never regretted it.I did what I had to do.


Moving on after many years of not playing music I built my 2nd recording studio in 1992 and have continued building more since. I have recorded many songs since then. I now have about 400 songs in my catalogue. I tried to play this as a ZZ top song as best I could. My Rhythm guitar and bass does that well, which is the 1st guitar and bass you hear then my friend from Canada, Craig Bacieda,plays lead guitar and does ZZ Top very nicely. So I hope it comes off very well.Enjoy.

"She Got the Power"

There have been a many women and girls in my life that have meant me harm and good. But there is only one woman that has had the power to change my character. And that is my mom, Betty. She raised me from 4 months old after my biological parents left me at her doorstep and abandoned me. She loved me and took care of me as her own son until 6 years old when I was finally adopted out into another family. I never saw her until 50 years later until I left my 3 months pilgrimage early in Israel to surprise her for Christmas in the hospital where she was sick. You can see it in this video. I went back to her hometown to visit her twice and called her every week.She eventually died.

Even though she had never read the Bible in her life she became a believer in Jesus during our talks and was baptized in the hospital and I am assured I will spend eternity with her in Heaven. She was just a simple hard-working mom that loved her kids. That's why she is so powerful in my eyes.

"Gonna Fly" by John Jeffers

"Gonna Fly" by John Jeffers A song about how my dad inspired me to be a musician. Dad showed me about John Dillinger as a kid. And I grew up wanting to be just like him. He dressed me like him. We watched his movies. My whole life was being a renegade like him. I wanted nothing more. We were very close from 4 months old till 6 years old. My dad worked for RCA Records and played the trumpet and had a recording setup in our home.It was a reel to reel 2 track recorder. He would record on it with his trumpet and his vocals. And I was mesmerized. He would show me how he did it.I was only 6 years old. It stuck with me to this day. And now I'm an audio engineer. I only spent 2 years with my dad from 6 to 8 years old but that was enough time to make me who I am today. I owe so much to him.In 1991 I left Hawaii to visit him in Indiana for 3 weeks before his death.


Welcome to Makaha Sound Recording Studio, your one-stop-shop for all your recording needs. As an experienced sound engineer, I understand the importance of creating a memorable and distinctive sound for your music or business. With a range of services that include recording, editing, mixing, and mastering, I am here to help you achieve your goals and take your music or business to the next level. Contact me to book a session today!

I have written all the songs on this website and played all the instruments and sung all the vocals. I also produced them in my recording studio and edited all the videos'. You have to view this website with your computer.And it seems to work best with Chrome. It is not set up for phone viewing.

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